4gram Review – Is There Any Real Reason For The Shutdown Or Was It Injustice?

It’s not a rare occurrence to see a company get shut down, especially in the field of social media-related services.

This is exactly what happened to 4gram just a few months back without any explanation on their end.

We’ve taken an interest in finding out what really happened and how the circumstances surrounding this company lead to them getting shut down.

It’s quite important for you to understand that there are not a lot of sources for the information regarding 4gram and what happened to them, so the necessary information is quite hard to come by.

We have taken it upon ourselves to collect all the data that is available and filter it out to see what’s accurate and what’s not.

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This 4gram Instagram review has been quite a challenge to write since it seems like the whole internet forgot about 4gram and its past existence.

We have been able to come to some information that will help you understand the situation surrounding 4gram a bit better, so buckle your seat belts!

Let’s get into it!

What Happened To 4gram?

This is probably the main question that lead you to this article, so let’s answer it first.

Like with most questions, there is a short answer and there is a long answer, but don’t worry – we’ll give you both of them.

First, the short answer.

What happened to this company is quite obvious – they got shut down for something they did. It’s not really clear what they did that got them shut down, but there is a limited number of things that might have had this result.

The first thing (and most plausible) is that Instagram realized what 4gram was doing, submitted a lawsuit, and forced 4gram to get shut down.

Instagram was bought by Facebook a long time ago, and when that happened, the rules for Instagram became much more strict than they were before the purchase.

One of the most noticeable changes was that accounts that used any kind of non-organic growth service or mechanism started getting banned left and right.

This weird occurrence happened because of the new Instagram algorithm that was meant to detect non-organic growth (bought followers, likes, etc…) and ban those accounts.

At the time of this happening, 4gram was one of the few companies that offered service in that field.

What were they offering exactly? Well, let’s hear that in their own words:

A screenshot showing what 4gram was used for and what services they offered

This kind of definition seems quite alright, doesn’t it?

Well, the problem was that 4gram was one of the few companies that offered service in this niche so the number of potential “suspects” that Instagram needed to look into was quite low.

Knowing this, you now probably have a better picture of what actually happened.

Other scenarios weren’t as likely to be true as this one, but we still looked into them.

The next theory is that there weren’t many clients for 4gram because Instagram got popular around the time they got banned, or maybe just before that, so the fact that not many people used that social media platform means that there weren’t many people to use 4gram.

This has happened to a lot of companies in the past, so if this is, in fact, what happened it wouldn’t be the first nor the last time a scenario like that unraveled.

For a company that offers services related to something that’s not exactly at its peak of popularity, it’s hard to keep everything working and make enough money to cover the expenses.

The third theory is that actually the people that were behind 4gram originally shut it down on purpose and took all that knowledge that they collected and rebranded it as a new company in order to avoid their past mistakes following them.

Other things that might have happened are less than likely to be true, so we won’t go in-depth on them as of now, but if some new information surfaces about 4gram shut down, we’ll be sure to update you about that.

How Does 4gram Work? – How It Used To Work

Although this company stopped existing relatively a long time ago, we had to look for clues on how it worked and what were the mechanisms behind the whole service.

One thing that we know for certain is that you first had to log in with your Instagram information. This is rarely seen today since almost no companies require your personal data such as a password or even email address.

A screenshot showing the login tab where a user was required to enter their Instagram details on the official 4gram website

Requesting this from their customers is a red flag on its own. It’s widely known that anything can be delivered to an Instagram account without login information.

This was probably used to store the information that the users entrusted 4gram with and potentially sell it afterward.

If you see a company asking you for your login information search for an alternative. Today’s companies can deliver any kind of service to your account without your login information!

Collecting your customer’s private information and storing it is never ok, and you should never go along with it since it can compromise your Instagram account and get you banned or kicked out of your own account with no means to get it back.

This has happened to people before, and it’s not a pleasant feeling, so try your best to avoid it and if a company asks you for your login information we highly suggest you search for an alternative.

Even though it was a company that provided services in the earlier stages of the Instagram popularity wave, it’s not an excuse for their website not to work properly.

We had a chance to talk to a few people that had an opportunity to use 4gram, and they weren’t amazed.

They said that the website was outdated, didn’t look good, and was clunky to use.

Three options that were available didn’t work half the time, and the way this service worked wasn’t explained in its entirety.

A picture of the services that were available on the official 4gram website.

The auto-commenting service was so unnecessary and useless that we doubt anyone ever used it.

The likes and the followers are some of the most desired services out there to this day, but the way you had to go about acquiring those from 4gram was a painful experience, to say the least.

The Reason Instagram Had A Right To Get Involved

Some of you might be saying that every kind of service or platform that allows you to buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, or allows you to get any kind of non-organic growth for your account is against Instagram’s rules.

This might be somewhat right, but what Instagram is strictly against is the automation of your account (similar to LinkedIn).

Automation of your account means that without you doing anything you’ll be engaging other people’s content and accounts as if you were doing it.

This process is frowned upon by the entire Instagram community since it defeats the purpose of having an Instagram account in the first place.

Looking at it from this angle, don’t you think that the most realistic scenario is that Instagram got involved and got 4gram shut down?

We think so as well!

Not many automation services can be found for Instagram anymore since it’s widely known how those companies end up – exactly like 4gram.

4gram Review – Finalizing Our Thoughts

We’ve said a lot about 4gram and what they used to do as well as how they used to do it. We even touched upon possible reasons why they ended up the way they ended up.

To serve as an example of a company that did their customers wrong as well as broke some of the most important rules, let’s take a look at all the things that they did wrong, and see if there’s something they did right.

Went against Instagram’s rules
Required their user’s login info for Instagram
Had an outdated website
Didn’t elaborate or explain why they got shut down

We think that it was clear even before this table that there isn’t a single thing that’s considered good that’s related to 4gram, even remotely.

The bad things that this company did, and the mistakes they made need to serve as an example to all the companies that currently dabble in Instagram-related services.

It’s our firm belief that there are some lines that should never be crossed, and it’s clear as day that 4gram crossed almost all of them.

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