Automatic Viral Review – Why Aren’t They Accepting New Customers?

When a website is shut down, it usually means that it’s entirely shut down and that your access to it is completely restricted.

But, in the case of Automatic Viral, that’s not how things go. If you try to enter their URL and visit their website, you’ll see that something doesn’t seem right for a website that is supposed to be shut down.

We’ll take a look at that in a second, but the story behind it is what interested us the most.

Why did Automatic Viral not shut down completely? Is there a way to use their services even now?

Those are all questions that we’ll give you answers to shortly, so stay patient!

Knowing that now Automatic Viral’s services are no longer usable, we’ve focused on how it used to work and what mistakes they made while their service was usable.

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We know you’ve all been waiting to dig in and see what information we managed to collect about Automatic Viral, so without further ado, let’s jump straight in and see what we have in store for you!

What Is Automatic Viral?

Today, Automatic Viral is a website that seems to have a purpose, but in reality, it doesn’t.

We told you that we’ll show you what happens when you enter their URL in your search engine. So, let’s take a look:

A screenshot showing the current state of Automatic Viral’s domain.

What Automatic Viral used to be is a bit of a different story.

This company used to provide services related to boosting your social media accounts by selling followers, likes, and other services similar to these ones.

Nothing original, right?

Well – exactly. Automatic Viral didn’t do anything remotely original or different from other companies that provided or that still provide the same service in the same field of work.

Knowing this, and seeing how they ended up, it really poses the question of “why did Automatic Viral shut down?”

Well, it’s speculated that they had such a bad service that nobody wanted to use or buy what they offered, so they ended up like this.

This scenario is completely possible since they didn’t exactly shut down by the conventional definition of shutting down.

They still offer their old customers that still have their login information to log onto the website and “use services” as if nothing happened.

This raises a lot of red flags, and poses a few questions.

First off, we can’t directly check the validity of this claim since it seems that nobody has their login information anymore.

All we have is their word to go off of, and that’s never a good idea really when it comes to a company with a reputation such as Automatic Viral’s.

The fact that they have a tab where you “can log in” doesn’t mean that that tab works at all.

A screenshot showing the login tab on the official Automatic Viral website.

As you can see, this indicates that someone that has their login information for this website can still log in and use their service.

But, the only problem is that it seems like nobody has the information necessary to log in nor do people around us know anyone who could get us through that login page.

This might have been something that they thought through and came to a conclusion that people wouldn’t judge them as hard if they didn’t shut down entirely.

That may be true for people that have heard of Automatic Viral or someone that stumbled across their website by an accident, but for people that know a bit more about social media and companies that provide services related to social media, these tricks don’t work.

It apparently didn’t work on customers either since we stumbled upon more than one negative comment about a user’s experience with this service.

A picture showing a negative comment from an unsatisfied customer regarding Automatic Viral on Trustpilot.

Also, there are websites that you can’t fool. One of those websites is Scamadviser. This website gives you an honest assessment of the website in question, and tells you how trustworthy that website is.

We think it’s needless to say what we found about Automatic Viral on there, but we’re going to show you anyways:

A screenshot depicting the overall score for Automatic Viral on the official Scamadviser website.

It’s sad to see a website having such a low rating, especially since it’s quite hard to get under 60 on the Trustscore scale.

It just tells you that there is something seriously wrong with this website, both on the surface and under it.

Other Possible Scenarios

Although it is possible that Automatic Viral went out of business and shut down their website on their own, there are some other possibilities that might have something to do with getting Automatic Viral shut down.

The first one is that Instagram got involved. This is a scenario that should be considered for almost all the services that got shut down or don’t exist anymore for one reason or another.

Instagram has some strict policies about non-organic growth and is generally not tolerant to people that they catch using these kinds of services.

It’s entirely possible that Instagram figured out that Automatic Viral was behind a good number of bought services used to boost Instagram accounts and sent them a lawsuit.

What’s the only logical step to do after this happens? Well, to back down, of course.

Probably being aware of this, Automatic Viral did exactly that, shutting down their website and kept the main page as a sign that they weren’t completely defeated.

Alongside this, it’s only natural to suspect that the people behind Automatic Viral made another company or rebranded in some way, shape, or form and continued doing the things they have done until that point.

Another possible scenario is that they didn’t like the way their company worked, packed their bags, and formed another company while leaving the old platform for their old users to work with and use.

This is the best possible scenario out of all of these since it’s caused by self-reflection and good intentions.

All-in-all, if the last scenario was the one that happened, we are happy about that. But, besides being the best scenario to happen, it’s also the least possible scenario to happen, so don’t get your hopes up.

Automatic Viral Review – Finalizing Our Thoughts

When it comes to a service that has been shut down, the amount of information and the nature of that information is hard to follow and let fall into place.

For that reason, we made a table that depicts all the strengths and weaknesses of this once existing social media service for better clarification.

Let’s take a look at it:

Still available for former customersNo explanation of what happened
Broke the Instagram guidelines
Overwhelmingly bad reviews
Extremely low trust score on Scamadviser

It’s not evident that the shutting down of Automatic Viral wasn’t a bad thing after all. It saved some people a couple of bucks and a chance to potentially lose their Instagram account.

Well, is Automatic Viral still a scam? We’d say so, unfortunately.

We recommend that if you see any of the red flags that Automatic Viral showed, that you run as far away as possible from that same service.

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