InstaFollowers review – Does It Work? Read HERE

When picking a site from which to purchase followers for your Instagram account, it’s critical not to get ahead of yourself.

Most of the services you come across online will appear to be secure and trustworthy at first sight, but you may be dissatisfied with the outcomes after you click ‘buy followers.’

That’s how it is – Instagram growth services that send fake followers will always exist. And the topic of our review today – InstaFollowers – seems to be one of them.

Why did this service disappoint us? Our super in-depth InstaFollowers review will tell you!

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Without further ado, it’s time to dig into this InstaFollowers review!

InstaFollowers – The essentials

Before we explore every nook and cranny of this service, we’d like to tell you about its key points. This way, you know what to expect when you scroll down.

Charges clients illegally
It’s a scam
Sells fake followers
Free trial doesn’t work
24/7 live chat doesn’t work

What is InstaFollowers?

A picture showing the homepage of Instafollowers’ site.

In spite of what the name says, InstaFollowers doesn’t sell only Instagram followers. 

According to what we’ve gathered, InstaFollowers is a social media growth tool that can help you increase your profile across numerous social networks.

We don’t want to bore you with listing all of the services they offer, so here’s a snapshot from their webpage since there are so many to select from:

A screenshot of all the services Instafollowers offers taken from their website.

To tell you the truth, this website is kind of overwhelming. It’s cluttered, disorganized, and not easy to get around. Not to mention aesthetically unpleasing. 

In our book, this is a huge minus, but it doesn’t always have to be a deal-breaker. However, in order to look past it, the quality of the service has to be extraordinary, which, unfortunately, is not the case with InstaFollowers. 

You may have noticed in the lower right corner it says Free Tools. It caught our attention too since free trials are always welcome. Let’s see what kind of free stuff InstaFollowers offers.

Free Stuff

It turns out InstaFollowers doesn’t offer any sort of a free trial. Not one that works, at least.

Instead, they give you two things: video and reels downloader. Who needs these?

We don’t; that’s for sure. 

Although it’s nice of them to provide the customers with free things, we don’t really see the point of this.

Besides the disappointing free tools and a website that looks like it wasn’t updated since Windows XP was in its prime, this service offers a range of services for Instagram, so let’s check out the quality of those. 

InstaFollowers for Instagram

This company believes that you need more than just followers for successful growth, so they also sell:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Views
  • Reels
  • TV
  • Saves
  • Live views
  • Story views
  • Impressions
  • Profile visits

We believe it goes without saying that you absolutely DO NOT need all of these to boost your account. 

There are two reasons why InstaFollowers thinks differently:

Firstly, it’s clear as day that they want to charge you for as many features as possible. Secondly, the followers they sell are not real. 

If a service sells authentic followers, they will engage with your account, so all the other stuff mentioned above will follow naturally; there’s no need to buy it separately. 

In the end, even though real followers usually cost a bit more, they pay off in the long run because you get all of the above.

It didn’t take us long to find out what InstaFollowers’ real intentions are. This service only existed to deceive its customers.

Take a few moments to look over the InstaFollowers follower bundles:

A picture showing followers packages from Instafollowers.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the quality you’re paying for.

The quality of followers available from InstaFollowers fell well short of expectations. Regardless of the plan you chose, you should expect the majority of the followers you receive to be fake.

Simply put, these accounts would have no profile photos, few to no followers, and zero activity. They would eventually either vanish from your account or be removed by Instagram.

If the latter happens, you could be in more danger than you think.

Bot accounts are easily identified by Instagram, and if you’re exposed, getting followers from any growth provider will be difficult.

What about the time frame for delivery? InstaFollowers often quickly forwarded their followers. Imagine a swarm of 10K new Instagram followers all flocking to your account at the same time.

That’ll undoubtedly raise some red flags.

Here’s another kicker. 

When you go to the Buy Followers section of the website, you’ll notice a button that says “Free Instagram Followers.”

They offer 10 free Instagram followers, which sounds nice, but it does not work. 👎👎👎

Namely, these profiles never arrive at your profile, and InstaFollowers even states (in the smallest possible font) – “In case there is no delivery, please test our other free services,” meaning the free tools.

InstaFollowers App – Where is it?

The rumor regarding the alleged InstaFollowers app was the next thing that attracted our attention.

We searched the Internet for several hours but were unable to locate an app that may be linked to this service. At least not one that is now operational.

Even if you were seeking an InstaFollowers app review, all you’d find are a couple of outdated versions from half a decade ago that are no longer accessible for download.

Terrible customer support

When you open their homepage, the first thing that will pop up is a live customer support chat. We always appreciate when a company offers this feature as it indicates they care enough about their customers to have someone available at all hours in case anyone needs help. 

However, although InstaFollowers does have the chat option, no one responds. 

Not only are they not available 24/7, but sometimes you have to wait for days to receive a response. Quite unprofessional, if you ask us. 

Customer reviews don’t lie

The first red flag we encountered in our search for InstaFollowers reviews was this:

An image of Instafollowers page on

Trustpilot considered this service “a bad fit” for their site. This usually means the company tried to buy fake reviews. 

The next place we looked was Sitejabber. We had a little more luck there as it features 12 InstaFollowers reviews, 10 of which are 1-star comments. 

Take a look at what a few customers have to say about this company:

A screenshot of a negative Instafollowers review on Sitejabber.
A screenshot of a negative Instafollowers review on Sitejabber.
A screenshot of a negative Instafollowers review on Sitejabber.

This person claims InstaFollowers steals personal information and charges many transactions in the UAE illegally!

This is undeniably the biggest red flag and makes us certain Instafollowers is a SCAM.


InstaFollowers turned out to be a company that defrauds and steals from their customers, so our advice is to steer clear of it altogether! 

This is the main reason we encourage you to do a lot of research before trusting an Instagram growth service. 

Stay safe, guys!

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