Fastlykke Review – Is It Safe To Use? The Harsh Truth

Extending your Instagram business account to other platforms is a smart move since it exposes you to a larger audience.

As a result, the market is saturated with all-in-one social media services – businesses that provide followers, likes, views, and other stuff for multiple social media platforms.

Fastlykke is one such company (well, sort of).

They advertise themselves as “the number one place for all your social needs.”

Is it true that they are the best? Is it better to give them a chance or not?

Stay tuned till the end of our full Fastlykke review to find out the answers to these questions and more. 

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You’ll find more choices that you can trust in the table below!

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Upleap4.4Check Price
Socialfollow4.2Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Now, back to Fastlykke – let’s see what this service is, how it works and whether it’s any good. 

Fastlykke – Quick summary

If you’re merely interested in the most crucial details, we’ve included them all in the table below. Fastlykke’s list of advantages and disadvantages is unusual, considering they aren’t your typical Instagram service.

Are you intrigued yet?

You’ll have to read the rest of our Fastlykke review to understand what we’re talking about!

The website is secure.It’s a reseller
Positive comments about customer service.A lot of negative Trustpilot reviews
Used to be a service but got shut down
No reviews on Sitejabber and Reddit

What is Fastlykke?

A screenshot of Fastlykke’s homepage.

Fastlykke is not a classic Instagram growth tool like the ones we’re used to. This is actually a third-party tool that resells IG engagement rather than selling their own followers, likes, etc. 

They don’t actually sell anything, therefore we say “resell.”

Depending on the feature you pick, their website will refer you to other agencies for free. If you go with Instagram followers, for example, they’ll offer you a list of the best five (in their opinion) tools that provide this service.

This is who they recommend as far as followers go:

A screenshot of Fastlykke’s offer for Instagram followers

Fastlykke provides information on each service, such as a rating, pricing, quality, and customer service, among other things.

After digging a little deeper into the site, you’ll discover that a total of six or seven services are advertised in every category.

Is there a deal in place with these firms for Fastlykke to rank them as top five? Is this how they earn a profit?

Some, like Media Mister and Stormlikes, are well-known without Fastlykke’s ads, while others, like Smm Sumo, are less well-known.

Fastlykke is a concept that we’re having trouble grasping.

They claim to be a team of specialists with 25 years in the game, and they go into great detail about all of the strategies they employ to grow your account, but the truth is they don’t actually do anything.

Customer reviews

There are a couple of places online where we look for honest customer reviews that companies cannot affect or remove, like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Fastlykke’s Trustpilot page is an interesting one. It features a total of 57 reviews and more than half are one-star comments, and the overall rating is 2.8 out of 5 stars – you have to admit, that’s pretty bad.

 An image of Fastlykke’s rating on Trustpilot.

This made us wonder – what does Fastlykke do that’s so bad, when it doesn’t actually sell anything? 

Previous customers have made some serious complaints; one even claims to be working on a class-action lawsuit against Fastlykke, blaming the firm for some very unsettling behavior.

Others have labeled it a scam:

A picture depicting a negative Fastlykke review on Trustpilot

A few customers claim Fastlykke “took their money and ran”:

After doing a lot of research, we discovered that Fastlykke used to be a growth service of its own, and that’s what most of the negative reviews are about.

There have been far less negative comments since they became a third-party service. Some are even outstanding, and most users, including this satisfied client, appreciate Fastlykke’s customer service:

An image of a positive Fastlykke review on Trustpilot.

Whatever the case may be, the key question is why they stopped offering a service in the first place.

Some speculate that Fastlykee’s demise was due to its repeated violations of Instagram’s rules, although this has yet to be proven. 

The lack of Fastlykke reviews on prominent sites (other than Trustpilot) was one of the things that made us suspicious.

We visited Sitejabber, for example, and there are no Fastlykke reviews there.

A screenshot of Fastlykke’s page on Sitejabber.

We also went to Reddit to look for Fastlykke reviews, and guess what? There were none.

Isn’t that strange?

Is Fastlykke safe?

To be honest, it’s impossible to discuss the legitimacy of a website, which is exactly what Fastlykke is.

We could discuss whether it’s legit or not if there was a Fastlykkes app or service. There was, we suppose, at one point, but it ceased to exist for unexplained reasons.

Based on the evidence we gathered on Trustpilot, we can only presume it wasn’t safe or legitimate when it existed.

That could be the reason behind its demise, who knows?

For the time being, we can’t claim that Fastlykke is legit because there are no payment options, no service, and no troubles that we can blame them for. Then again, we can’t claim it’s not legit either.

Perhaps this question should be rephrased to: How safe are the services Fastlykke recommends?

That is still up for discussion.

However, we feel like we have to mention this: Fastlykke states explicitly that they are not responsible if your account is restricted or banned as a result of utilizing a service they promote.

Is Fastlykke worth a shot?

We’re having trouble thinking of a good enough reason why you should try Fastlykke. We simply don’t see the point.

Apart from informing you about their top five services, they don’t do much, if anything at all. You can find all of that information for free on Google.

We’re not suggesting you should avoid it at all costs; it probably won’t hurt you, but it also won’t help you.


Before you go, take a look at another table that features all the upsides and downsides of Fastlykke.

Deals with multiple platforms. Instagram deleting followers.
Affordable prices for followers.Poor rating on Trustpilot.
3-day money-back guarantee.The official site is currently unavailable.
No free trial.

Fastlykke is a little perplexing to us. It was reportedly an Instagram service back in the day, but it simply ceased to exist at some point.

We can only speculate on the reason behind it because it is cloaked in mystery.

What about Fastlykke as it is now? Do we recommend it now?

Well, no, because we’re not sure what we’re recommending. They don’t offer a service, so it’s just a website where you can learn about a couple of Instagram services and then leave.

And the issue is that we’re not even convinced you can rely on their advice. 

Fastlykke makes every effort to prevent you from blaming them if something goes wrong with your account, which is kind of a red flag and makes us question if they even believe in what they’re advertising?

The truth is that some of the Instagram services they recommend aren’t all that fantastic.

If you decide to test any of these, we urge that you check additional Internet reviews instead of relying just on Fastlykke’s suggestions.

When you delve a bit deeper, you never know what you’ll find!

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