Instaboostgram Review – Are The Rumors True Or Can They Do Something Right?

Countless companies have been shut down, rebranded, reinvented, and painted over, but in the end, they all ended the same – forgotten.

Instaboostgram falls under this category and it fits perfectly.

We have been persistent in getting all the information available regarding Instaboost gram from all corners of the internet, so we can help you get a full picture of how bad this company and its services were.

It’ll take a few minutes, but this information is much more valuable than you’d think. There are some red flags that companies show when they’re doing something wrong, and some of those red flags are common for all companies in this field of work.

That’s why we think that if you learn to see and remember those red flags, this information related to Instaboostgram can save you some trouble in the future.

There are some companies that have barely any red flags or don’t have them at all. One of those companies is Upleap. If you’re interested in researching it further, we highly recommend you read our highly detailed Upleap review and see what this company has to offer. Keeping the options open is always a good idea, so for that reason, we also recommend keeping these in mind:

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KENJI4.2Check Price

But let’s get back to the main topic – Instaboostgram.

The information we’re about to present you with is everything we collected and double-checked for clarity and accuracy. Keep an open mind and remember that no company is inherently good or bad, and there are some mistakes that leave a nasty trail behind them.

Let’s get straight to it!

How Does Instaboostgram Work?

Since this company and its services don’t exist anymore, we should rephrase the original question to “how did Instaboostgram work?” instead.

Without an active website, it’s hard to tell you exactly how a service that doesn’t exist anymore used to work, but we’ll do our best.

A screenshot showing the current state of the URL that belongs to

We can only imagine that the general process you had to go through is somewhat similar to the rest of the companies in this niche.

You choose a service you want, click on the desired package, and complete the payment with your credit card details.

Nothing special, right?

Well, the overall process that was once in place isn’t the root of all problems with this company.

The way that Instaboostgram didn’t work is in fact much more simple. When a customer pays for the service they want to receive, the company’s job is to deliver exactly that which they promised.

In Instaboostgram’s case, this didn’t work in the correct manner. Let’s take a look at a customer’s experience regarding their order.

A screenshot depicting a negative customer’s review regarding their experience with Instaboostgram on the official Trustpilot website.

A comment like this is quite concerning for more than one reason. If this happened to a person using the service in question, there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen to you as well, and we can all agree that that would be terrible.

A company that doesn’t treat its customers with respect, dignity, and patience is a company that shouldn’t deal with people.

Customer support service is one of the most important aspects of a company, and it should always be kept in check, which makes this comment even more concerning.

An Instaboost review like this can give you an insight into what principles the company in question is obliged by.

So if you’re asking yourself “is Instaboostgram legit?” taking into consideration the customer’s comment above, we would say – NO.

What Went Wrong? – The Famous WWW

There are a lot of scenarios that can lead to a company like Instaboostgram being shut down. Not knowing what really happened (since they never answered any questions), it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly led to their shutdown.

We can only speculate and talk about possible scenarios in the sense of what they did wrong, and what might have been the reason for their situation.

The first, and the most plausible scenario is that Instagram got involved, sued them, and as a result – forced them to shut down by themselves or by a court order.

If that’s what happened, it wouldn’t be the first, nor the last time Instagram took such actions, and took down a whole company that went against their general rules.

A closure like this is easy to imagine since we had countless examples of companies ending exactly like this.

Two of the best websites to check out what people that used a particular service had to say about it are Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Both of these websites showed an average score of 3,5/5 ★ which is not the worst, but not good either.

We’ve stumbled upon some concerning comments about Instaboostgram on there, and we wanted to share them with you.

A screenshot showing yet another negative comment on Trustpilot describing an experience of a scammed user on Instaboostgram.

These types of short and clear comments really depict a plausible scenario that can possibly happen to you.

The absolute worst thing a user can face is that he doesn’t receive the service that’s already been paid.

As you can clearly see from this example, and some other comments found on the two websites we mentioned earlier, there was more than one thing that was wrong with Instaboostgram and the way they treated their customers.

Usually, when things like these happen, the word gets spread quickly and people stop using the service on their own.

That’s why we suspect that it’s also possible that Instaboostgram stopped bringing in money because of their bad reputation, and that that’s why they no longer exist.

It wouldn’t be the first nor the last time that a company decided to shut down because of their poor customer service or overwhelmingly negative experiences their customers had.

It only shows how important it is to treat your customers the right way, not only because they pay with their money for the service a particular company is offering, but for other reasons such as these negative comments that probably cost a lot more than just one less customer.

The overall popularity of Instaboostgram was never on an enviable level, but these comments really took their toll and made it even harder for this company to get a good reputation.

Even when this website was working, as you can see, people that used to use it on a semi-regular basis weren’t quite satisfied with the service they received for their money.

Another website that we trust very much called Scamadviser also didn’t have many nice words to say about Instaboostgram.
Their website is designed in a way that shows something called “trustscore” that allows you to see how trustworthy a particular website is (or isn’t).

A screenshot showing an overall score for Instaboostgram on the official Scamadviser website.

This is probably one of the biggest red flags you can spot since Scamadviser is not influenced by people, but instead collects data from the internet and based on that data shows you that trustscore.

It’s important that a company always takes into consideration what its users are saying about them.

If we were in charge of a company that had such a bad reputation as Instaboostgram, we would have spent hours reading all the reviews and making sure that every negative comment was dealt with and that the past mistakes were corrected.

This is the only normal solution to an unsatisfied customer, and the only way to stop the flow of the negative comments that surround a service like this.

Instaboostgram Review – Final Thoughts

There has been a lot to discuss in this Instaboostgram review. For the sake of clarity and an easier overview, we made a table that represents all of Instaboostgram’s pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at it and comment on it afterward!

The website is shut down
Mediocre overall grades
Bad customer support service
No available explanation for their shutdown

It’s clear from this table if Instaboostgram is legit or not, and the clear answer is – they weren’t legit.

The only problem is that there are some other companies that make the same mistakes that Instaboostgram made in their time, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if those companies ended up in the same way that Instaboostgram did.

Also, there have been some speculations that some of the active websites that offer the same services are owned by the people that once owned Instaboostgram, so you should be careful and always check who the owners of a specific company are, if possible.

All of these caution measures can save you some money, some time, and potentially prevent you from losing your Instagram account due to poor service that might end up getting your account noticed by the Instagram algorithm that’s designed to ban people that buy these types of services.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that your privacy and the safety of your Instagram account are the two biggest things you should strive to protect!

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