Skweezer Review – Everything You Need to Know About This Growth Service

It’s impossible to learn everything there is to know about a growth service just based on one or two brief reviews, which is why we set out to write these in-depth reviews that cover everything. 

That’s exactly what this Skweezer review is: a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of Skweezer.

Skweezer is an Instagram growth tool, in case you haven’t heard of it. How good and safe is it, though? That’s exactly what we’ll find out today!

It’s essential to consider the service from all angles in order to get a complete understanding of what it is. We scoured the Internet for past customer comments and other reviews, and we’ve compiled them all in one spot for your convenience.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

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In the table below, you’ll also discover some other excellent Skweezer alternatives.

IG ServiceUser RatingPrice
Nitreo4.7 Check Price
Upleap4.4Check Price
Socialfollow4.2Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

The Basics of Skweezer

In each review, we make sure to offer a summary in the form of a pros&cons table. We feel it provides the best first impression of what the service is all about, especially if you don’t have the time to read the whole review right now.

Free trialMixed quality followers
Some short-term growth resultsZero customer reviews
Reasonable pricesInstagram deletes fake followers

What is Skweezer?

 A screenshot of Skweezer’s homepage.

Skweezer is a service that offers everything linked to Instagram. This includes followers, likes, automatic likes, comments, and views. 

Let’s take a look at each component of this service to see how well it really works:

Instagram followers

The issue about Skweezer’s followers is that they are neither here nor there in general. We  weren’t wowed by the quality, but we can’t exactly say they are the worst available.

This means that Skweezer sells mixed-quality followers. What does this entail?

It simply implies that some of the followers they provide are genuine, while some are not.

This causes a variety of problems, the most serious of which is that Instagram deletes low-quality followers from your profile.

Having said that, we didn’t have that much of a problem with these followers. When you consider that they’re reasonably priced and that some of them are legitimate, it’s a good deal.

To be honest, we’re not that upset with them.

This sort of Instagram growth plan is effective in the short term since you will get a certain amount of real followers, but you will also lose a lot of them, along with your money, in the long run.

So, it all depends whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a long term solution.

If you only care about the short-term result, go for it!

If, on the other hand, you like consistent, organic growth, you might want to avoid Skweezer and search for a more dependable service that only offers legit followers.

As we have stated, the followers are hardly the worst aspect of this business. So, what exactly is it?

Instagram likes & auto likes

It’s also not the likes.

To be honest, this is one of the most straightforward and low-risk services to give. Unlike phony followers, the odds of being banned from Instagram for purchasing likes are slim. So, if you feel like it, go ahead and try it.

The only problem is that without followers, likes won’t assist you all that much if your goal is to significantly increase engagement rates.

The fact remains that it’s wiser to purchase genuine followers who will engage with your content rather than buy likes, comments, and views separately. 

When you add real followers to your profile, the likes and other things will follow naturally. This, in our opinion, is a formula for Instagram success, whereas the other stuff we mentioned are more of a recipe for catastrophe.

What about the automatic likes?

Generally speaking, automatic likes are one of the features we don’t really understand. Each time you publish a new photo on Instagram, auto likes are meant to arrive. These, in our opinion, aren’t absolutely required for effective Instagram growth. 

But again, they won’t hurt you too much either (except maybe your wallet).

Instagram comments & views

So, this is where the difficulties begin.

In all of our years of experience with Instagram growth services, we’ve only come across a handful that provide high-quality comments (if even that many).

The majority of the time, the comments you purchase from a service like Skweezer are truly terrible. They’re generally generated by low-quality bots who can’t match the post’s context or energy.

As for views, well, we’re not huge fans of them either. Our issue with Instagram views is that they don’t actually serve a purpose. 

You won’t be able to get much from them, especially if they’re the regular views for IG videos. Were they viable for stories and reels, it would be a whole other story.

So, our recommendation to you is to simply ignore these features. You won’t benefit from it much anyway without followers. 

Free trial

They’ve recently decided to introduce a trial where you can try out the followers they sell for free. This is always welcomed since it demonstrates that the company wants you to trust them and believes in their own product enough to give it out for free at first.

Auto refill

If this works, it’s certainly a great feature.

We say “if ” since we couldn’t discover any Skweezer reviews from previous customers that would provide us with further information about it.

Namely, Skweezer guarantees a 30-day refill of the followers you lost in the preceding month. This is more than needed, given that Instagram deletes the followers you buy from Skweezer.

Skweezer’s relationship with customers

Skweezer promises to offer 24/7 customer service, but when you visit their website and try to contact them, you’ll find that this isn’t the case.

They do, however, provide a form that you can fill out, but you have to wait for the response; it won’t arrive shortly. 

In fact, the words `we’ll attempt to react within 24 hours’ are written in light grey letters on a white background.

Given the surprising absence of customer reviews, we can’t say much about the customer service quality. For the time being, all you can do is hope that they will reply and take your complaints seriously.

Customer reviews – where are they?

Skweezer isn’t mentioned anywhere on reputable sites for customer reviews, like Trustpilot where we didn’t find a trace of a Skweezer page, whereas Sitejabber features one, although it’s useless since there are zero reviews.

To be frank, this made us wary of the service.

If a company has no online reviews from prior customers, it is either brand new or something else is wrong…

We even searched Google for “Skweezer Review Reddit” but came up empty-handed. We’re not sure who knows about it if those folks don’t.

How much does Skweezer cost?

Skweezer followers aren’t too costly, as we said before. Let’s take a quick look at the pricing:

A screenshot showing the price of Skweezer’s followers.

For about $20, you can buy a thousand followers, which is a very reasonable price.

We couldn’t discover much about refunds, but if you truly want to give Skweezer net Instagram followers a try, we recommend starting with the free trial and getting a sense of the quality before paying and giving them your credit card information.

Is Skweezer legit?

It’s tough to respond to this question because the absence of information prompts us to wonder, “Is Skweezer real?”

To be quite honest, we have no actual reason to doubt this company’s trustworthiness right now. On the other hand, we lack sufficient proof to verify it is 100% legit.

So, for the time being, we think it will remain a mystery.


Let’s round things up with another pros and cons table.

Offers a free trialFake followers mixed with real ones
It’s a good short-term resultInstagram removes bot followers
Some followers are legitZero customer reviews


We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest you should avoid Skweezer altogether. But we also can’t suggest it to you without reservation.

If you truly want to experience Skweezer, you can sign up for their free trial, which is the safest choice. Then, to test how it all works, begin with one of the smaller bundles.

We’re confident that it’s a good short-term solution.

But if you’re in for the long-run, we recommend skipping Skweezer and instead going with one of the services that guarantee outcomes, such as the ones we listed before.

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