Like4Like Review – Is This Tool Worth Your Money? Read Here


It’s time for another review on Instagram-growth services that people use every day. We’re here to save you time, and push you in the right direction.

Today’s focus is going to be on Like4Like.

There’s been a lot of talk regarding this service, and we think it’s time to set the record straight.

If you have a clear idea about the desired number of followers on your Instagram account, then Upleap is your go-to place. This growth service can boost your account at a breakneck speed. If you’re curious, then go and check out our review about it.

Is Like4Like reliable?

Does Like4Like offer organic-like growth?

Is your information safe with this site?

If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, we encourage you to spend it by scrolling through this review. We can guarantee that it will be worth it.

One more thing. 

If you’re serious about Instagram, then this table of alternatives might help you.

IG ServiceUser RatingPrice
Nitreo4.7 Check Price
Upleap4.4Check Price
Socialfollow4.2Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

That would be all for now, scroll down for more!

Like4Like Review – Key Aspects 

We are talking about a social media growth service, and reviews like this may contain more information than you are used to. That’s why we like to separate the good from the bad at the very beginning.

Take a few seconds to check out this table of pros&cons.

It’s super easy to useDoesn’t have a follower package.
Doesn’t require sensitive informationA couple of negative reviews
It’s completely freeTime-consuming
Works on multiple platformsNo real customer service

Like4Like – A Quick Intro

Clicking on just any site and buying the first package that pops up is not the right way to go. First, you’re gonna need to learn something about the service you are interested in.

We believe that not everyone has the same amount of free time to spend scrolling down the homepage, and checking out every single detail.

That’s why we’ve done this for you.

What is Like4Like?

This is yet another Instagram-growth service with the aim of boosting your engagement, but you already knew that.

There’s something special about Like4Like.

This growth service is available for download on multiple platforms.

Yup, you can download Like4Like on:

  • Android App
  • Chrome Extension
  • Macc App
  • Windows App

Is this a big deal? It can be.

You know how, when you spend a long time scrolling through a particular site, it starts to slow down, all these pop-up ads start appearing, and you feel like you’re clicking is worthless.

This happens more often than you think, and services usually choose to ignore this problem. Doesn’t that make you angry?

Well, Like4Like actually cares about the availability of their service, and you can download it on any of the following platforms we mentioned.

The most common one would be the Android App. You can agree that most people spend the entire day on their smartphones, and having an app that you can download from the PlayStore is a jackpot.

By the way, did you have a chance to see Like4Like’s homepage?

A screenshot showing the like4like homepage

In terms of looks, and usage, we can say that Like4Like is pretty easy to use and that the complete design of their site is neat and on-point.

Many would choose to ignore this aspect, but we believe that appearance is an important but not a key element when it comes to social media platforms.

Would you agree with this?

Completely Free?

Were you surprised to see that Like4Like is a completely free service?

It’s not every day that you come across services that are completely free of charge. But when you do, you should open all four and dig deeper into the matter.

At first glance, cheap or free translates into a great choice.

Let us stop you right there, and remind you how reality works when it comes to online services.

With things like this, it’s mostly the opposite. Most free services are actually scams whose sole purpose is to seize your private information and misuse it.

We’ve seen hundreds of examples of disappointed customers whose accounts have been hacked because they blindly believed that such services would help them.

You know better than this.

Before you make this your final choice, take a good look at how a particular service works, and what exactly is required of you.

How does Like4Like work?

A screenshot showing how like4like works.

This does not seem risky.

Like4Like works on the principle of exchange, and this is not something you will often see with growth services, so let’s explain.

Basically, what you need to do is like other people’s posts until you collect the desired amount of likes. Let’s say that you’ve liked 100 posts, and you want to call it a day.

After you’re done, you can withdraw your likes, and they will appear on your profile, that is, on your posts.

Now, let’s talk about efficiency.

Spending an hour, laying on your bed, and clicking seems monotonous and time-consuming.

Most people who want to boost their engagement on social media will choose the easy way out – buying likes and followers.

Is it safe?

Sure. You don’t have to worry about your private information being misused. Like4Like doesn’t require you to give away your Instagram password, or anything like that.

That’s a plus.

Why is safety important?

Social media is a breeding ground for hackers.

Using Like4Like does not put you in a risky position, precisely because it operates on an exchange method. This guarantees that your account will not be hacked or shut down.

A quick heads-up!

There’s one thing you should pay attention to, however, and that’s the inflow. After you’ve collected the desired number of likes, and they come in instantly, it might raise some suspicions with Instagram.

We doubt that this would be some huge number because that would take you more than a day, but still, you should know that Instagram’s algorithm is sensitive to any type of automatic inflow.

Can You Get Followers For Free?

The biggest deal-breaker here is that you can’t get followers for free.

And it’s not just that, Like4Like doesn’t have a follower offer at all. This whole service is just about likes.


If Like4Like had this offer, not much would have changed. You would still have to spend a lot of time on a relatively small number of followers.

It would take you almost an hour to gather 100 followers (which will certainly not be enough for some customers). Again, time-consuming and completely unnecessary.

One more thing.

With this way of collecting, you will never know if it is real people or temporary accounts. This is a critical point, and the development of your platform depends on it.

If these are temporary accounts, they will most likely disappear from your profile after a few days, weeks, or months. This disappearance can also be caused by unnatural inflow. Yup, once again, Instagram is on to you.

You should be extra careful.

There’s No Real Customer Service, Just FAQ

A thing that bothers us is that there is no real customer service when you go to the “Support” segment.

If you’ve noticed that you ran out of likes, and want to contact someone about a problem that you’re experiencing, you’ll hit a brick wall with this service.

There is no real customer support service in the sense of a live chat or even an email.

All you can do is go through the FAQ and try to find out if they’ve covered the issue you’re having.

This is not effective, and will often put potential customers in a situation to give up this service.

With social media, you should be able to contact someone at any given time. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

What Do People Say About Like4Like?

Okay, so far we’ve been able to grasp the idea of Like4Like, so let’s see what people have to say about these free Instagram likes. Are they worth it or not?

It’s not so comforting to see that only one person wrote a review on Sitejabber, and it happens to be a negative one.

Wanna see? Here you go.

A screenshot showing a negative review on Sitejabber

Does this mean that Like4Like is an outdated version of social growth? Probably.

Final Thoughts On Like4Like

Seems that we’ve covered everything. Let’s wrap up, and see if this should be your choice or not.

For starters, Like4Like gives off a positive and neat vibe when you visit the official website. It’s pretty easy to use, and it’s completely free.

However, this service is only about likes, and it works on an exchange method. This means that you will be spending a lot more time than you thought if you want to collect the desired number.

Like4Like doesn’t have a follower offer, and that’s what concerns us the most.

This may be good for short-term boosting, but it won’t help you much if you want long-lasting results.

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