Did Social10x Shut Down? – What Really Happened To This Instagram Service

If you were hoping to test out an Instagram service called Social10x, sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t. This service doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s not the first time an Instagram growth service has hit a snag. 

Many of them, in fact, fail because they violate Instagram’s terms of service. Some of them have even been sued by Facebook and have had their services shut down, which is along the lines of what happened to this one as well.

We can’t tell you how many times people have asked me to comment on the Social10x scam, which is why we decided to write this comprehensive Social10x review.

Continue reading to find out what this company did to earn such an unfortunate end.

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What Is Social10x?

“What WAS Social10x?” is the right way to phrase this question.

This company, as we previously stated, has permanently closed its doors. Let us tell you what it was before we go into the details of its downfall.

This was the original version of their website:

A screenshot of Social10x’s old homepage.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the web archives, and if you go to social10x.com right now, you’ll see the following:

A screenshot of the current Social10x site
Social10x used to be an Instagram store where you could buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments. So, what went wrong with this, by the looks of it, standard Instagram growth service business model?

Let’s dissect it to see where Social10x went wrong.

Social10x Instagram followers – Real or fake?
You could purchase up to 5,000 Instagram followers from Social10x. They were reasonably priced, with the biggest package costing only $29.

Apart from one-time offers, Social10x also offered something dubbed “premium monthly Instagram followers.”

You could sign up for this service and get up to 1,500 followers every month. Although there was nothing premium about them, they were more expensive, hence the label “premium.”

Social10x, it turns out, was selling FAKE followers. It didn’t take long for the people who purchased the followers to find this out, as each account had a strange name, no pictures, and no content – the three hallmarks of bot accounts.
Likes & Comments
There were two sorts of likes: one-time likes and auto-likes. The former was applied to a single post of your choosing, while the latter was applied to each new photo you uploaded.

We couldn’t discover much information on the likes, other than the fact that 1,000 one-time likes cost $59.

When you consider that a thousand likes won’t get you very far, this is not a cheap option. Plus, likes don’t really help your account without the followers, so they’re definitely not worth it. 

Only a few reviews mention buying Social10x comments, however they all agree on one thing:

It was the worst feature!

They were not just from fake accounts, but they also made no sense and were clearly created by low-quality AI.

To make matters worse, this was Social10x’s most expensive feature and one that they were most proud of. A total of 25 comments cost $59 USD. Allow that to sink in.

You could try Social10x for free but the free trial wasn’t really impressive and didn’t offer you a true sense of what this service is like.

All of these flaws eventually contributed to the company’s collapse. But, exactly, what happened?

What Really Happened To Social10x?
Social10x, according to the Internet, was deactivated in 2019. Despite this, we continue to discuss it. What is the reason behind this?

It doesn’t harm to read about unsuccessful Instagram services, to be honest. It demonstrates what not to do and informs us of all the red flags we should be aware of in the future.

When we started looking for Social10x reviews, we quickly discovered that the company had been sued by Facebook for using bots and selling phony followers and likes.

We kept looking for honest online reviews on reputable websites, and this is what we found.
An image of Social10x reviews on Trustpilot.

On Trustpilot, there are just 20 Social10x reviews, all of which are either outstanding or incredibly negative.

75 percent of the reviews are one star, while the rest are wonderful five-star evaluations that speak well of the company.

If you examine closely, you’ll see that the favorable reviews are brief and ambiguous, like this one, for example:

A positive Social10x review on Trustpilot.

The thing that strikes the most is that none of the positive reviews go into details about the features that function, while the negative ones intricately describe all of the flaws.

One client, for example, claims that all of the followers they got through Social10x were FAKE.

An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

They claim that all of the followers were clearly bot accounts based in Asia, and that Instagram eventually deleted them.

When the customer complained to customer service, he was utterly ignored. 

This is not all. As one client put it: “Sometimes the company just failed to deliver.”

An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

But it gets worse:

After a one-time transaction, Social10x allegedly continued to charge the customer’s credit card:

An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

Even when they couldn’t supply the service, the company continued to charge their customers and refused to let them unsubscribe.

We’re not sure what else to call this if not a SCAM.

What went wrong for Social10x?

Social10x made a lot of mistakes and hoped they’d get away with it, but it doesn’t work like that with industry giants such as Facebook.

Facebook has no patience or tolerance for companies like Social10x, so they take them to court right away.

And who do you think will come out on top? A multibillion-dollar corporation or a meager Instagram growth company that defied the rules?

To help you realize how big of a rip-off Social10x is, we’ve compiled a list of everything Social10x did wrong so you can decide which one is the worst.

It was a SCAM
Sold fake followers
Sometimes it didn’t deliver the service
Charged people illegally
Was sued by Facebook
Didn’t allow people to unsubscribe

The bottom line

This service breached a lot of rules, and they paid the price, which if you ask us, is pretty fair. It shows that you can’t break the rules and go unpunished.

Social10x’s demise is just another step towards a safer community. Honestly, we hope Facebook doesn’t cease in their efforts to remove every single scam off the market. 

In the meantime, you can forget about Social10x and focus on real growth services like Upleap and other guys we mentioned earlier. 

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